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The amount views on a particular video are not the only important  aspect – it’s the motivations behind the viewer. A customer who takes the time to watch online videos on your website, email newsletter, youtube channel or social media post increases the chances to engage and drive sales. Your elevator pitch has never been easier to get out with our creative and strategic corporate videos.

The 4th Estate’s corporate video production department has created compelling videos for its clients, who are always given exactly custom video productions tailored specifically to their needs.

Our corporate videos can be created with flexibility and dynamic creative control or simply provide technical support leaving the creative control to you, the client.

Video marketing implemented with a high quality timeless multimedia marketing or other types of San Diego marketing videos is a great investment yielding ROI while enhancing your brand’s image, efficiency and productivity.

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5 Steps Before Hiring a Video Production Company in San Diego


When your CEO, founder or executive leadership put you on task to find a video company to capture your corporate event, marketing/advertising promotions or training for human resources, you’ll for sure find hundreds of options on any Google search. Your instincts are to go to the listings on the first page of Google, but is that the right way to go?

A video production company has an outstanding SEO optimized website ranking on the first page of Google does not necessarily mean it has the best and most professional video services for the money. It means they just have really good SEO, which has nothing to do with video production, nor if they can understand your businesses goals to knock your project out the park.





How do you know that company isn’t brokering those services off to another company that is buried back on page three or four of Google in the same search? You don’t and this is very common among video production companies in San Diego, most by which are operated out of their apartments. Yeah I said and it’s the truth, but doesn’t mean they offer bad services, it just means they are really good at SEO and brokering to the video company that is capable of completing the work. The 4th Estate video productions operate out of our Sorrento Valley offices, not an apartment and we’ve been in business for almost 10 years without ranking number 1 on Google. With solid referrals and clients that continue to use our services, the quality videos we produce speak for themselves.

Thanks to technology and the Internet these days you don’t have to own all the equipment to get the job video done. All that’s needed is a highly optimized website with backlinks and domain authority and the leads start rolling in for this website storefront under a guise of a video company, which after a deal is closed the project is brokered the deal to another company to do it for less – 30%- 40% less. Only if you had dug a little deeper in that search query, you would have found that same better option for less. Warren Buffet had it right when he said, “price is what you pay, a value is what you get.” So why pay more for the same value somewhere else?


If you would have known there was a business that although didn’t have a high ranking website, but offered the same service with the same quality at a significantly lower price, would you have chosen that option instead? Of course, you would. I would. We all would have if we only knew to keep on looking.

In corporate America, the free market wins every time to those offering the best value at the right price, but time is money. Time and patience are limited to searching and scrolling through the second, third and fourth pages of a Google search of keywords like “San Diego corporate video production” or “San Diego videographers” and then watch sample videos. Then email out each one of the prospects hoping for an immediate response with a quick quote, so you can run that up the corporate


ladder for a decision to be made. It’s a tedious process, especially when you have other projects and tasks on your list.

You need a video production company that understands your business and how to execute your goals with visual storytelling. Or in the case of capturing a standard corporate event, you need professional-looking videographers that take pride in their appearance as much as their equipment. Just because San Diego is a relaxed business-casual city is no excuse to not look and act professionally. The video company you outsource to is a direct reflection of your own company, so it’s absolutely necessary you contact one that puts its best foot forward.

Sadly enough there are a lot of video production companies that have high-ranking websites yet lack professionalism hoping to impress clients with their creative panache and technical semantics to close a deal, yet the corporate client just wants the facts, how much and when can it be completed. They’re looking for straight shooters with realistic expectations, not visionaries or Spielberg’s that pump up how great their video is going to be.


With all that prefaced here are the 5 steps you need to do before hiring a San Diego video production company for your next project:


Step 1: Make a list of the top 3 companies for each Google page in your search. Go up to the third or fourth page.

Don’t judge a book by its cover based on where it’s rank in search engines. Maybe that company has been so busy producing quality work and making clients happy, there was never any time to focus on SEO. So do your homework and make that list of top 3 for each page.

Step 2: Assess your list and see if there are any samples of work on their website or on their Youtube Channel or Vimeo Channel (because they for sure will have a publicly hosted channel if they are legit) and determine if any samples are similar your video project.

This will help answer questions before you ask them. Usually, you won’t see any videos that aren’t what they deem as their best work, but for standard corporate coverage, there is nothing else to filming a keynote presenter as long as you know it’s been done before in the past. Most corporate video production companies that focus on that niche understand the corporate culture and have adapted very well to it. Unlike other industries, if you are outsourcing a video company and they look haggardly like they just rolled out of bed, this will make your whole company look bad because appearance and experience matters. If they have completed a similar project to what you are looking for then professionalism and appearance should be assumed.

Step 3: Be weary of big-name companies as previous clients. Who are some past clients? Are they competitors?

Don’t let the big names of blue chip stock companies on a website sample client list impress you because you don’t know the whole story and in some cases there is no proof. It could be that a videographer to record a CEO going-away party and just because that video company was hired by a big-name company they seized the opportunity to put it on their website to boost their credibility. This says nothing about their ability to perform only about how good they are at misleading one’s perception that they work with big companies. The sad thing it is this method works because no one questions it. You’ll be surprised how much the how far a the truth will be bent into one’s favor.

Step 4: When you request a quote send as much details as possible to include: deadlines, dates, times, locations, price breakdowns, equipment list copyright information and all necessary assumptions (such as shooting in HD or 4K or UHD, (there is a difference) as well as a particular way you want the quote to be structured to meet your needs.

This will tell you if the video company can follow your instructions by every detail, which is a major indicator if your project instructions will be followed if you hired them. If you get a response that required you to get on the phone with someone, don’t do it, they are just trying to sell and close then and there. Unless your instructions indicate a phone call is warranted, stay away from those video companies. Follow up with the quote that follows your instructions exactly as you stated and does so within 24 hours. If you get a response and/or quote two or three days later, then move on because you’ll get the same delayed response when it comes down to your project’s rough cuts, revisions, and deadlines. This should narrow down your list of 9 companies to 3 real fast. Remember to evaluate the quote making sure they included price breakdowns and equipment list. The equipment list is important so you can research that equipment and determine if it is high quality and how much it costs. This will allow you to determine if they are using cheap gear but overcharging for the services. It will also allow you to determine if they are using really expensive gear and charging a fair price for the services. Remember some of the camera gear we video producers use can cost as much as $10,000 to $15,000 for low-end productions and up to $50,000 to $100,000 for high-end productions – for the camera body alone not to mention accessories. This will put the price quote from each video company in perspective to allow a more educated decision.

Step 5: You always pay for what you get! Don’t let a cheap price compared to others win you over.

The cheapest price isn’t always the best route to go because you’ll be paying more in a tarnished reputation by allowing the video company to assign their inexperienced (cheaper talent) to your project and although you saved $1,000, you lost a good name. a cheap price compared what others are charging is a sure way to get to the bottom of the priority list for any video company. On the contrary, the most expensive price isn’t the most valuable either. There are reasons why one company is charging more than others such as office overhead, type of equipment, whether they have employees or contract workers. Look for a quote that clearly states their price break down and usually the more detailed and specific a quote, the more thought that was put in it, which most likely translates into the same thought and consideration that will be put into your video project. This will narrow down your top 3 options to only one.


And if after these 5 steps listed above still leaves you torn between two companies with similar price and quality, then go with your gut and intuition as well as who you communicate better with. Video production is a very collaborative and draining (emotionally and physically) so you want to make sure the producer or director you’re working with is tolerable and won’t get on your nerves. Usually, if you like the person you work with, you’ll like working with that person and the synergy with be balanced.

The 4th Estate Productions is a video production and multimedia marketing firm based in Sorrento Valley, San Diego, California and has a passion working with corporate companies. Some recent clients include product videos for Jitterbug Smartphones, as well as human resources retention and recruiting videos for Rubio’s Restaurants, Inc. and safety corporate videos for Yara North America.

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