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How Innovation Will Change Business in 5 Years

Future Innovation

Read this is a great article on business innovation and how it will change in the next 5 years.  With this change ushers in the power of video production as one of the top changes to come into the public’s

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Business Pays $4,500 for a Marketing Video Now Company Worth $615 Million


This article was originally published by Inc. Magazine, but it is a true testimony of the power of video and the absolute value a clever marketing video can add to any company, especially those startups and emerging growth. We hope you enjoy

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Content Marketing Trends For 2015


Like it or not, Content represents your Brand. Develop good content for brands  that engage audiences to comment and return for more consumption of your tasty content-marketing is not an easy task. Here are the content marketing trends for 2015. 1. Quality over Quantity:  You

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Thinking Outside The Box

Screen Shot 2014-07-16 at 9.57.42 PM

Newhaven startup turns cardboard eco-friendly furniture into business. Chairigami, the innovative  designer and manufactures of cardboard furniture such as couches, shelves, standing desks, even iPhone cases all with a special recyclable material called Triple Wall, a three-ply corrugated cardboard that will make you wish

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Top 10 Website Niche Ideas of 2014

Light Bulb

Are you looking for a profitable niche website idea to start blogging or to create videos? I have ten niche blog ideas that can start making you money. Despite the thousands of new blogs being created daily, only a fraction

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Play-by-Play of Car Accident

Old ladies fighting

This funny guy should be on ESPN’s roster for calling his boss to tell him he’s running a little late serendipitously as he witnesses a car accident and engages in the most hilarious play-by-play commentary, ever! Seriously, it’s that funny

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Video Marketing Increases Profits


Does your company need a video for its next convention coverage, social media or marketing campaign? Or perhaps you need interdepartmental training videos to free up time while increasing productivity and efficiency? Get more value with a timeless corporate business video that

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A Wedding Gift Story


Wow, talk about bad manners! On Friday, we received a truly horrifying email from one of our readers that would make etiquette guru Emily Post turn in her grave. The reader, Tanya, told us about a recent Facebook message she

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How to make your long videos more digestible


How to make your long videos more digestible Last May, we did a study of thousands of business videos hosted on Wistia. The study revealed a negative correlation between video length and “engagement rate,” or average percent viewed. The engagement

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