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Many clients are curious about The 4th Estate Productions, The 4th Estate.

Here’s the story. In the 17th century, during the industrial revolution in Europe there existed a social class that regarded the clergy as The 1st Estate, nobles as The 2nd Estate and commoners and bourgeois as The 3rd Estate.

These three estates ruled over and took advantage of the feeble masses of serfs and slaves who worked in agricultural fields and manufacturing warehouses. Following the French Revolution, in a speech before the House of Commons, Statesman Edmund Burke looked over at the Reporter’s Gallery and declared, ‘Yonder sits The 4th Estate, (the press) and they are more important than them all.”

The press became the voice for ‘the people’ who didn’t have the right to speak out. The 4th Estate was born to return power to the masses, power that was taken away by the powerful elite in the three other estates.

Today, The 4th Estate Productions uses the power of communication to deliver your company’s message with professionalism and quality, which is what you would expect from a San Diego video production company.

We can work with you closely on scripting and editing, or we can be the turnkey video solution you can trust to complete your project taking care everything start to finish.

Clients enjoy the benefit of our flexibility to work around their needs and specific goals for a given project.

All video marketing projects are not created equal, therefore a customized and tailored approach is necessary to be as efficient and effective as possible.

We use the power of video to increase your company’s return on investment that we can track.

Call us today and find more about San Diego video production company that empowers your next project with effective marketing and multimedia solutions.